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AI-native capabilities to power more intelligent application scenarios
Automation and intelligence scenarios are more prevalent than you can imagine
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5 key innovative technologies
Hyper-Converged Analytical Engine
Comprehensive analysis of heterogeneous data in multiple interactive modes
In-depth analysis of complex scenarios often involves multiple data types and analytical technologies. The Hyper-Converged Analytical (HCA) Engine supports search and sorting, graph analysis, spatio-temporal analysis, and BI intelligent analysis of heterogeneous data, and can fast generate comprehensive data analytical results for complex scenarios
OneSketch: hand drawing-based application development
Recognition capabilities that simulate brain neurons
With the sketch2app capability, pictures of prototypes drawn on paper can be recognized to create interfaces
OneAssist: AI enabled application assembly assistant
Component assembly automation
During application assembly, OneAssist can offer intelligent guidance and component and property configuration recommendations to help optimize user experience and assembly results
AutoNLG: automated generation of product documents
Natural language processing and intelligent multimedia processing
Once assembly is completed, various product documents can be automatically generated, including operation instructions, specifications, maintenance manuals, etc.
AutoKE: intelligent knowledge engine
Self-driven DIKW evolution
With synchronized data and application, the platform can generate data from applications and feed the data back to the big data platform. It can automatically generate knowledge graphs to support the development of new knowledge applications, forming a self-evolving closed loop.
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