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The founding team and core R&D team of Smardaten Technologies are all data technology veterans and top programmers in China with in-depth expertise in middleware, big data and business systems.
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Hong Mu
Chairman, CEO

Before founding Smardaten Technologies, Hong Mu was the Vice President of 360 Group, in charge of the group's technology middle office, IoT, urban security, etc., and was the head of Huawei's big data product department. Hong has more than 10 years of experience in R&D and operations of big data platforms, products and services. He is a member of the big data committee and the blockchain committee of the China Computer Federation (CCF).

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Chao Liu
Co-founder, President

Chao Liu was previously the Managing Director of 360’s big data and AI engineering department. He is also the former Director of Huawei’s big data solutions department and the director of Huawei's big data development department. Now, Chao is fully responsible for the Smardaten Technologies’ operation management, product development, strategic planning and management.


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Dr. Yadong Cao
Co-founder, COO

Yadong holds a PhD in business administration from Nanjing University. He has rich experience in management consulting and training, and has participated in and led many national and provincial projects, as well as more than 10 horizontal research projects. Yadong has published more than 20 papers. Now, he is in charge of the Smardaten Technologies’ operations, and manages the sales and marketing businesses.

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Chao Zhang
Vice President, CTO

Chao Zhang is the former CTO of CETC Cloud, with more than 10 years of experience in the development of large information service systems and platforms. He led the design and development of national information service platforms, and won the first prize of the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award. Chao is now responsible for Smardaten Technologies’ R&D management.

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Renkang Wang
Chief Architect

Renkang has more than 10 years of big data technology development experience in Huawei, and is an early practitioner of big data and AI. He developed the earliest Hadoop-based distributed machine learning platform in China with his team, and is a pioneer in Spark-based machine learning platform development and application. Now Renkang is responsible for products’ technical architecture and development.

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Fei Chen
Vice President

Fei is the former senior technical expert of Huawei, with more than 16 years of experience in R&D and team management. He has in-depth expertise in the design and development of middleware, big data platform, billing, search and other systems, led the development of many new core systems that have been applied within a large scale. Now Fei leads the company's customer  enablement division.

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