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Move forward with award, Smardaten won "Top 50 big data enterprises in China"
Release Time:2021/07/29 00:00:00

Beijing held "The 6th Big Data Industry Ecology Conference" on July 28th, 2021. Smardaten won the award of "Top 50 Big Data Enterprises in China 2021" by virtue of its innovative technical capabilities in the big data no-code field.

The "Top 50 Big Data Enterprises in China 2021" covers companies throughout the supply chain of China's big data industry, including enterprises such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, ZTE, Baidu and Xiaomi.

The award of "Top 50 Big Data Enterprises in China 2021" is an authoritative recognition of the full-stack technical capability of Smardaten. As the only enterprise-level no-code software platform in the domestic market, while helping companies facilitate its business operations, Smardaten provides integrated solutions throughout the whole life cycle of data management. The solutions cover many aspects such as data standards, integrated exchange, asset management, visualization and BI analysis, and integration of data and application.

The core team of Smardaten has witnessed the history of software in the past 20 years. Since its establishment, the company has been studying technology and products. Its products can now cover more than 90% of customers' business scenarios, and completely cover the whole business life cycle of customer forms, processes, search, integration, analysis and so on. In addition, Smardaten can form a complete closed-loop data and application integration, and thus rose to the leadership in the area of "enterprise-level no-code development".


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