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Smardaten Obtained Highest Level Certification in CMMI5
Release Time:2021/09/24 00:00:00

Smardaten announced that it has successfully passed the evaluation of CMMI Level 5 Optimizing Process Maturity. It indicates that the company's capabilities in product, process organization, project management and solution delivery have all reached advanced international level, and its R&D strength has been recognized by international authorities. 


CMMI stands for “Capability Maturity Model Integration”. It is the highest authoritative standard to measure the capability maturity and project management level of software enterprises, and is recognized as the passport for software enterprises to enter the international market. The evaluation standard and process are extremely strict.

Smardaten will apply the relevant process standards of "CMMI 5" to project management, and optimize the company's software R&D and management capabilities. It will continuously enhance the core competitiveness of products and provide customers with more professional and reliable products and services.

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