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Virtual Vision and Smardaten form a strategic partnership
Release Time:2022/11/16 00:00:00


Virtual Vision (V2) and Smardaten signed an agreement on 15 September 2022 to provide Data-driven enterprise-class no-code platform services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Virtual Vision (V2), a leading cloud service provider, and Smardaten, a leader of the 4th generation of data-driven NoCode technology, announced today that they have entered into definitive agreements for a strategic partnership that is expected to accelerate the growth of big data and artificial intelligent technology in the Saudi market.


Smardaten, the global leader in the 4th generation of bigdata powered NoCode technology, is amongst the fastest growing tech companies in China and starts to develop in the international market from 2022, is excited to forge a joint-force with V2 in the GCC region. Smardaten highly values V2’s relentless efforts to localize emerging cutting-edge technologies and empower its Saudi Arabia customers with the flexibility and efficiency provided by data-driven application-building with AI enabled NoCode capabilities.  This way, to transform traditional enterprises from lengthy high code development to fast time-2-market enablement, and allow them to focus on customer centric research and development, operation, consulting, and system implementation services based on seamlessly integrated big-data platform and applications. Furthermore, V2 aspires together with Smardaten to become a local leader in the enterprise-level No-Code application arena.


Virtual Vision, a Saudi Cloud provider headquartered in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is one of the top service providers of cloud computing and system integration. As the subsidiary of the global leader of oil and energy industry Aramco, V2 constructed their Cloud Services with their in-depth Cloud knowhow, experience, and attention to the customers' needs. Today, V2 is certified by CTIC as Class (C), the highest-Class rating for a Cloud Services Provider in Saudi Arabia.


Hazem Sandouka, Chief Operating Officer of Virtual Vision, said, "We look forward to our partnership with Smardaten to bring their no-code/low-code data platform to V2 cloud. This helps non-technical and technical companies in Saudi Arabia to create data-enabled applications without programming at an unparalleled speed, therefore helping companies to digitally transform or modernize faster and more easily."


Smardaten, headquartered in Nanjing, China, founded in 2016 by top data technology talents in China, has fast emerged as the leader of the 4th generation of data driven No Code technology on global low code landscape. Ranked as No1. in terms of brand awareness and customer satisfaction in 2022 China lowcode/nocode market research report, it has been one of the fastest growing high-tech companies in China with CAGR of over 400%. It is also the very 1st selected tech company from China onto AWS GSP platform. Uniquely equipped with well-rounded capabilities in bigdata technology and No code application building, Smardaten platform enables data-value accumulating inner eco system by seamlessly integrating data with applications.


Shan You, SVP and Managing Director of Smardaten International Division, commented: “We are very pleased to join force with such an outstanding Cloud provider as Virtual Vision, they have built a fantastic cloud platform with an excellent approach of providing easy to deploy and maintain, flexible, scalable and reliable cloud services cost effectively. We are truly confident that this combined force will create powerful and highly efficient digital transformation enabling technology for the companies and public sectors in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”



Media Contact:

Business name: Virtual Vision

Contact person: Zahra Al Awiwi (PR & Marketing)

Country: Saudi Arabia


Business name: Smardaten

Contact person: Shan You



Country: United Kingdom


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