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Smardaten Achieves Third Place in KPMG's 2023 China Tech Innovator Competition
Release Time:2023/08/18 00:00:00

On August 17th,2023, the finale of KPMG's Private Enterprise Global Innovation Tech Competition - the 2023 China Tech Innovator Competition, concluded. After rigorous evaluation by a panel of industry experts, Smardaten clinched the third place.


Leveraging its highly differentiated core competencies, value creation capabilities, and growth potential, Smardaten garnered unanimous recognition from the final round judges. This achievement of securing the third place is a testament to the recognition of our efforts!


Shan You, Vice President of Smardaten's International Business Division, participated in the finals and shared that Smardaten's data-driven enterprise-class no-code development platform is the company's flagship product. Focused on data value exploration and enhancing application development productivity, the platform effectively reduces reliance on developers, significantly enhancing the efficiency of no-code application development and the handling of complex business logic, thereby drastically reducing the development cycle compared to traditional high-code development software.


Shan You from Smardaten Participates Online in this Competition


The competition in this Tech Innovator event was exceptionally fierce, with KPMG receiving numerous applications from startups in various industries across the country. After a stringent selection process, the China finals consisted of 18 companies from diverse sectors including SaaS software, intelligent retail, real estate, and education. The panel of judges evaluated the finalists based on six dimensions: disruptiveness and innovation, market potential, customer adoption, market development momentum, marketing and growth potential, and quality. These dimensions helped identify the leading technology startups in the country.


KPMG China's Head of Clients and Markets, Jiang Liqin, stated that China is continuously increasing its investment in technological innovation, further strengthening the role of enterprises as innovation pioneers. As a professional service organization, KPMG China is dedicated to fostering the continuous growth of China's technology innovation ecosystem. They firmly believe that rapidly growing tech startups are the new engines of economic growth, possessing boundless potential. These startups not only provide robust impetus for China's economic development but also bring more Chinese experience and wisdom to the world.

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