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Smardaten won the first place in "Top 100 big data companies by investment value"
Release Time:2021/07/28 00:00:00

Beijing held the 6th Big Data Industry Ecology Conference on July 28th under the theme of "Digital & Intelligent Transformation, Integration & Symbiosis". As the leading service provider of enterprise-level no-code software platform in the industry, Smardaten was awarded "Top 100 Big Data Enterprises with Investment Value 2021" and ranked No.1 in the field of business intelligence.


The "Top 100 Big Data Enterprises with Investment Value 2021" is awarded based on various dimensions such as enterprise valuation, revenue, innovation investment, product competitiveness, market potential and leadership. Smardaten was also highlighted on the "China Big Data Industry Ecology Map 2021" thanks to its achievement in big data platform, data visualization, smart transportation, smart government affairs and smart education.

After a successful transformation of its business model, Smardaten managed to grow its business by four folds. In April 2020, the company completed its Round B financing led by Sequoia China, Yunqi Partners, Parantoux Capital and Innovation Dark Horse at the valuation of hundreds of millions of RMB. Contract in the book for 2021 has exceeded the value of 300 million RMB.

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