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Demystify the business driving force behind 400% business growth——Harvard Business Review
Release Time:2021/06/15 00:00:00


As the pioneer and leader of domestic enterprise-level no-code software platform, Smardaten was named as the "China New Growth · Agile Leader of Harvard Business Review of 2021" during the Harvard Business Review New Growth Conference 2021 in Beijing.


Sponsored by the Chinese edition of Harvard Business Review, the China New Growth Summit names "Agile Leader" mainly rewards companies who are able to find quick response, change management ideas, organizational models, talent strategies in the ever-changing business environment, and promote enterprises to look over uncertainties and achieve resilient growth. Along with Smardaten, Haier Group, SAIC MAXUS, Li Auto and Ecovacs Robot are also the companies named.


Software enterprises are faced with many challenges, especially that all of them are at different stages of development. Only by improving the agility of organization, flexibility of business and advancement of technology can the players effectively cope with the market competition and improve value.


The most important focus of enterprise digitalization should be agility, and no-code is just one of the products of IT progress. Through modularization, no-code and reuse, enterprise-level no-code provides a personalized support system with flexibility and agility for rapidly changing and developing enterprise-level business. It may be the best solution to realize IT agility and build a resilient enterprise.

Smardaten is committed to empowering software companies, alleviating technical liabilities and turning IT from "cost" to "productivity". We look forward to working with more partners to find the right path to growth in the future.



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